December '21 Update!

December '21 Update and News


21 months on from March 2020, SO much change for music, teaching, lessons, performing, exams -

(in fact everything) - and though it's been an UNBELIEVABLY intense and full-on time, here we are now with some AMAZING and EXCITING outcomes for all of these! 


And, best of all - I am  just so INCREDIBLY proud of each and every one of my pupils - WELL DONE to you ALL!


So..... here are the details of all these amazing outcomes!

  • Thank goodness for Zoom!

(Not just for continuity with lessons but also invaluable for practice skills)

  • New teaching material (Workbooks)

(We have produced Work Books for all pupils to use for both online and live lessons - it soon became clear that so many books needed the support of live lessons to avoid confusion and frustration - so we now have continuity for everyone and flexibility to alternate live and remote lessons)

  • Music Grades

The major Exam Boards have extended their exam provision by introducing Digital Exams on a permanent basis, to work alongside the traditional format of exams.

The new Digital Exams ("Performance Grades") have a different focus to the "traditional" grade exams, in that they literally are a Performance (mini-recital) that require careful programme planning and detailed preparation - just as every professional musician prepares for recitals and concerts. 

I am absolutely delighted and excited by this concept, as it is so creative and celebrates sharing music with people rather than having to memorise countless un-connected scales & arpeggios, tedious sight-reading passages and aural tests in front of a stranger - then performing 3 pieces when heads are becoming tired!

Also, the Digital Exams allow flexibility with submission dates and therefore fit intelligently around school exams and commitments/family and out of school commitments, so pupils can enjoy the pleasure and joy of music, rather than have stress and pressure.

(Of course we learn all our scales/arpeggios and sight reading/aural skills but they are part of our regular practice, so we are entrusted to develop these skills just as every professional musician does) - 

(- can you imagine hearing musicians playing scales and practising their sight reading and aural skills in a concert or gig?!?!)

(I am happy to prepare pupils for the old-style grades if they prefer, but I think most people would agree that a recital is more enjoyable than lots of scales etc!)


So the Performance Grades link up beautifully with our concerts.............

  • Concerts

On a very sad note, we have lost no less than SIX end of term concerts through Covid, and it was a great disappointment to have to postpone this term's concert - (looking forward to being able to start these again) -

But on a good note, our Youtube channel is finally ready to go, so we will next year have BOTH live concerts and ongoing online performances, so we'll end up with more music than ever before!

  •  Also, there will be new Performance Recitals for pupils nearing completion of their grade material, for them to give an individual mini-recital for their families and friends. 

So 2022 looks very exciting with.....

  • Zoom and live lesson options/combinations
  • New Workbooks for everyone
  • Improved practice skills through Zoom lessons (and therefore performance skills!)
  • Exciting grade options
  • Youtube opportunities (that work well with digital grade preparation)
  • PERFORMANCE RECITALS and CONCERTS ...... they'll be better than ever before!


THANKYOU to all parents for your support and WELL DONE to all my pupils for being so AMAZING!  



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