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Whenever anyone contacts me to enquire about lessons I suggest an initial meeting with them (and their child, if it is a parent contacting me - I feel it is important for children to be included at this stage), so they can take time to decide if they think I am the right teacher for them.

It is so important to have the right teacher, and I understand this only too well from my own experience of teachers in my formative years!


With appreciation -

I am so very grateful to all my teachers - they were inspirational, gifted musicians and wonderful people, whose patience, skills and support enabled me to pursue a career in music.

My thanks to my parents for finding my teachers, and for being very patient taxi-drivers and a wonderful support at every step of the way. I know I am very fortunate.

I was very lucky to have all this - the ideal arrangement for pupils is undoubtedly to have parents' support alongside excellent teachers.

 The ideal arrangement -

I recognise that, ideally, if pupil, parent and teacher work together, so much can be gained for everyone concerned. But how can parents support effectively? Sadly, it is so easy for the issue of practice to be contentious and become a battle-ground.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • How much practice should my child be doing?
  • My child doesn't seem to practise - what can I do?

My reply is simple - "please trust me to take care of this, as part of the learning process is...."

.....for pupils to develop, alongside their musical skills, self-discipline/self-motivation, through satisfaction of achievement and enjoyment of the music chosen  -


  • concise but effective practice systems,
  • appealing, stimulating music that pupils are encouraged to choose, from carefully chosen lists of appropriate pieces,

and then

  • perform in carefully structured settings to build confidence and enjoyment of performing.
  • perform confidently and comfortably in exam settings
  • take a pride in all they do, and enjoy a positive cycle of thorough practice/successful and satisfying performance, so that practice is satisfying and productive
  • have the opportunity to play music with other young musicians

 I regard it as my responsibility to inspire and support my pupils so that they are proactive in achieving this, and then be able to show their parents what they can do, and how they are achieving it. And for parents - relax and enjoy some lovely music!

Transferable skills -

Music lessons provide an excellent opportunity for developing these skills, that are in fact transferable skills, and it has been proven that children can develop their cognitive skills to benefit other subjects, as well as benefiting from increased self-confidence. Music is a "safe" subject that gives pupils opportunities for making choices and being involved in decision making - it is character building.

Finally -

My ethos for teaching is very simple - I am committed to passing on all that I have been taught, in a way that I hope nurtures confidence, good technique, enjoyment and a love of music for life. My pupils' wellbeing is always the priority - and I see this as the primary duty of any teacher. I have to say, too, that we are all always learning, and I am learning all the time from my pupils too, which I love! 



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Tricia illson | Reply 06.03.2022 08:24

I am interested in having Lessons and theory for the piano. I am recently retired . Could you advise if you have any availability. Thanks

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06.03 | 08:24

I am interested in having Lessons and theory for the piano. I am recently retired . Could you advise if you have any availability. Thanks

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